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We are proud to be connected to some of the most innovative and powerful companies and organizations in the Physical Therapy Industry. It takes many years of experience to make it in this business and these companies are established, and among the best.

MD On-Line, Inc. is an EHNAC accredited health care technology company that works closely with providers, payers and others in the industry to increase electronic healthcare transactions between the parties utilizing the MD On-Line suite of products. MD Online works closely with national and regional payers to achieve the common goal of increasing electronic connectivity and transactions between the providers and the payers.

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From Axiamed: From changing reimbursement models, increasing patient financial responsibility, and regulatory mandates to falling income and rising costs, healthcare organizations from the largest hospital systems to the smallest practices face unprecedented challenges.

ZirMed is ready to help you meet them. Today, ZirMed is the only company in the nation delivering a comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based financial and clinical performance management solutions to help you manage your revenue cycle and patient health outcomes more effectively than ever before.

We’ve partnered with AxiaMed to offer our clients a fully-integrated payment solution. The program will increase your patient pay revenue while lowering costs along with time associated with payment management.

From Axiamed: Our experienced and resourceful professionals customize credit card and payment processing programs to improve efficiency and service at the point of sale as well as significantly reducing costs. We give you opportunities to concentrate on your organization while allowing you to keep more of your revenue for your business.

Etactics is a Revenue Cycle Solutions company that tactically employs technology to improve processes, revenue and cash flow. These results are attained through a proven interface with PT Practice Pro for the purpose of providing Clearinghouse and Patient Statement services. All solutions from Etactics are focused on lowering overall operational expenses and collecting more from insurance companies and patients with proven techniques that also lead to overall increased patient satisfaction.

More than 200,000 providers trust Gateway EDI, A TriZetto Company’s, advanced claims processing solutions and proactive team to simplify revenue management. We help medical practices maximize revenue by securing accurate reimbursements, decreasing claims rejections and improving payment turnaround times. Gateway EDI, A TriZetto Company’s, solutions include electronic claims processing, real-time eligibility verification, point-and-click access to identify and recover missing revenue, automated secondary claims and electronic remittance advice and tools that ease patient payment collection.

Accelerated (formerly XWeb) is a cost-effective, secure, and reliable gateway for processing credit and debit card transactions. This high-performance and fully PCI-compliant gateway has advanced measures in place to protect sensitive data, including XWeb Secure, our advanced hosted payment form.

Collect patient payments directly out of Practice Pro. No more need for dialing out on phone lines or bulky card swipers. Just a slim, sleek USB credit card reader and your internet connection will get your credit card payments authorized in a flash.