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Outcomes Tracking

Most people in our industry agree, physical therapy is moving steadily toward pay-for-performance. This means that in order for you to compete, you need to be able to objectively demonstrate and document your effectiveness as a clinician and organization.
That’s precisely why Practice Pro was the first to integrate outcomes into our system as integrated functionality. Whether you’re a practice owner or a therapist, you can use the outcomes data to:

  • Measure clinic performance
  • Benchmark clinician performance
  • Prepare for payer contract negotiations
  • Improve and streamline your marketing methodologies

Outcomes data is key to your success, and with Practice Pro, we didn’t simply find some third-party ‘bolt-on’ with yet another separate database like some of our competitors. We built it ourselves, and it comes baked right in, the way it should be.

Practice Pro comes with fully-integrated outcomes tracking to help you manage care quality on a per-location, per-therapist level. Watch this video to see it in action.

Be Confident With Payers

When payers hold your feet to the fire, you have the data to extinguish it. Now you can go into insurance contract negotiations with confidence.

Patient Satisfaction

Recovery is the name of the game. With our outcomes management, you will help your patients recover faster.

Manage Your Success

Set performance goals for your therapists, and track their progress. Practice Pro gives you everything you need, for success.