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We’re excited to announce the launch of our all-new Cobility™ Referral Management module, rebuilt from the ground up! Practice Pro users will enjoy an all-new experience, optimized to take full advantage of well-managed referrals, well-tracked referral activity, and increased number of new patient conversions.

Cobility™ features a more intuitive interface, easier browsing and better activity-tracking features for your sales reps. Cobility™ significantly improves the referral management conversion principles because we worked in lockstep with some of our most passionate customers to create an even more powerful integrated tool.

Relationship Health Flags

Green, you’re good. Yellow needs attention. Red, there’s trouble. Quickly and easily identify where your sales reps should direct their attention.

New - Practices Section

Manage your referring practices and physicians with proper hierarchy. When a doctor moves to another practice, you can manage their referral activity by simply moving them in the system.

Fast and Easy Work Flow

Your sales reps will love using this because everything we developed had them in mind. Do everything within Cobility™ like adding activities, or single-click maps to locate doctors or practices–the work flow is very intuitive.

Quick Menu.

All your most-used functions in one convenient place.

Save time, click less. Add anything from anywhere. Adding a new practice, physician, referral or activity is now under one convenient menu.

Easy Filters

Quickly and easily filter your view.

Save time, search less. Cobility’s filter functionality makes it easy to see only the data you want to see. Only want to see referrals for a specific region or city? No problem, with 2 clicks your screen becomes clean and concise.

Do you know what your conversion rate is?


It always surprises me when I encounter organizations who don’t know what their referral conversion rate is. I’m also surprised when I encounter those who believe a 90% conversion rate is acceptable, when a single referral can represent $850 per case on average. So when you consider 10% of your referrals are not converting, you could easily be losing half a million dollars this year.

Many clinics simply don’t track or manage their referrals, and many who do, do so sporadically. They often don’t have access to data that helps them make important decisions in order to improve their conversion rate. Is this you?

Oftentimes when we’re talking with customers who don’t track referrals, one reason we commonly hear is “your referral management module is too expensive”. As the resident marketing guy, I wanted to look into this to see if perhaps they were right. I thought maybe I needed to request a meeting with the CEO to advocate for a lower module price…

Screen-Shot-2016-06-01Seeing how that may not be a great career move for me, I decided to first call a meeting to discuss the pricing and value proposition. No, really, I actually grabbed some key members of our team who are good with math, and we spent a couple hours scribbling on our dry-erase board with some real-world numbers and arguing amongst ourselves.

Here’s the conversation.  loosearrow

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 5.03.07 PM


Too Expensive?

Do the math.

  • If you only convert 3 new patients this year, Cobility will more than pay for itself.

  • If Practice Pro’s Referral Module helped you increase your conversion rate by just a measly 1%, it could help you capture $40k-$50k per year in revenue that you are likely losing.