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Practice Management

Practice Management has lots of moving parts. We built them to work together seamlessly.
practice management software

The Practice Pro difference.

lipstick_pigA simple Google search shows just how many physical therapy EMR software companies are competing for your business. With everyone making the same claims, how can you tell the difference?

Some started out specializing in some niche area, and then starting adding functionality to meet their customer’s demands. Often rushing to do so by finding third-party solutions they can stick-on without actually developing and fully integrating it as one seamless system.

Sure, it’s easy to say “we do that”. But we know you need your billing data and retail product sales to tie into your patient records and outcomes? Don’t you want to run intelligent reports from one dashboard that contains all the relative data that pertains to your practice?

As you grow, you’ll quickly start to feel the limitations other software puts on your business.

Don’t get locked into software that limits you. With Practice Pro, you’re getting a fully integrated software solution that we built from the ground up with our own hands to give you the most power and freedom to save time and grow your business. We didn’t cleverly glue-on a bunch of third party systems that don’t talk to each other. You won’t have to download data from 3 or 4 places, and drown in Excel spreadsheets trying to make sense of it all.

With Practice Pro, you’ll get one seamless system that helps you make informed business decisions, with only one place to login.

Be prepared to grow, merge or exit handsomely.