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Be prepared to Grow, Merge or Exit.

Built for enterprise, built for your success.

You’ve got an Enterprise to Run

Data & Insights

You have multiple locations to manage, and a business to grow. You don’t have time to dig for data or manually create spreadsheets to get the insights you want. You need accurate data for different regions, categories, various key point indicators, and hundreds of therapists.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Practice Pro gives you the advanced business intelligence to monitor productivity, outcomes, billing revenue and even your retail sales in one place, with the reports you need most. Practice Pro’s advanced intelligence analytic tools allow you to compare regions, locations, diagnoses, visits per case, days sales outstanding, etc.

Practice Pro was originally developed for physical therapists.
Practice Pro's ABIlity Module. Practice analytics on steroids.

Drowning in a sea of excel spreadsheets?

The days of spending countless hours blending data from numerous places are over. With Practice Pro’s ABIlity module, you can blend and visualize your data in one easy-to-manage interface. Generate reports to make available to key members, create PDFs that you can send out. This is what you’ve been wishing for.


Doesn’t Practice Pro already do reporting?

Practice Pro already provides robust reporting right out of the box. This is fine for small to medium-sized rehab organizations. But at the enterprise-level, you need more than reporting templates. Why? Because the data you need to see today will be different tomorrow.


Why do I need it?

In your therapy organization, data has the potential to reduce costs, improve quality of care, improve outcomes, and ultimately improve the patient experience. These are the building blocks for optimization and growth. The challenge has always been how to transform all your data into actionable insights. With Practice Pro’s ABIlity module, your organization can use true intelligence to chart your best path forward. It allows decision-makers to visualize across key point indicators so they can make the most informed decision possible. It helps identify the impact of your decisions. It enables payers to fully understand cost drivers and trends so they can implement viable long-term strategies. With Practice Pro’s ABIlity module, you’ll have the power of drag-and-drop analytic fields, and fully customizable data metrics.

Fast Insight

It’s faster than your existing solution and lets you maximize your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. Experience a data visualization tool built for speed and ease of use.

Connect Your Data

Whether it’s in your EMR, an excel spreadsheet, a database, or floating somewhere in the cloud, you can connect any of your data, from anywhere, from any time, period. Blend various data sources without writing a single line of code.

Test drive ABIlity.

Jump in, hang on, we’re gonna burn rubber.