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best emr software for physical therapy

Best EMR Software for Physical Therapy | That would be Practice Pro

All the processes and features to run and grow your practice built right in

The Most Powerful, Feature Rich EMR In The Industry

best emr software for physical therapy

What Makes Practice Pro EMR The Best

Best EMR Software for physical therapy? There are many reasons that make Practice Pro quite simply the best PT EMR software there is. Here are a few of them. Sign up for a free demo to learn more.

best emr software for physical therapy100% Web-Based System

A 100% web-based PT EMR, Practice Pro will work with any device of your choosing. There is nothing to download or install at your end. No servers to buy. Once you are online on any browser on any device, you are ready to run and grow your business in the solution. Use it anywhere, anytime.

best emr software for physical therapy.Compliance Built In, HIPAA, Medicare

The software includes all the necessary privacy and security safeguards to use the system in a compliant manner. Data is always protected with industry-standard safety protocols. When you add your internal compliance policies, you can rest assured that you have achieved full compliance and patient privacy. Also, we help you shoulder Medicare (and Commercial Payer) compliance so that you stay clear of payment denials and fines. Payer rules are built into the workflow so that EMR users never miss a rule at any time. There is no room for double entry of data and human error that could inadvertently cause non-compliance. Result? You can bill payers with complete confidence knowing that we have got you covered.

best emr software for physical therapy.Designed For Outpatient PT

A PT EMR that was designed for physical therapists, Practice Pro aligns with all nuances of PT workflows right out of the box. By automating compliance, streamlining clinical workflows, and tightly coupling clinical documentation with charge capture, Practice Pro ensures that you get to focus on what you do best, which is delivering patient care. Being a moving target, compliance requires staying on top of changes. We are constantly monitoring rule changes and new rules and updating the software so that you are ready for what the future holds. Everything you need to run your physical therapy practice is all in one place, ready to use, including seamlessly integrated billing and other features to make managing your practice and treating your patients as easy as possible. We understand the challenges of running a physical therapy practice and have tried to build the solutions into the software so that you have fewer challenges to deal with.

best emr software for physical therapy.Customizable & Adaptable

Take advantage of a fully customizable EMR that differentiates your practice with the unique processes that make your clinic valuable. Evaluations, SOAP notes, flowsheets, progress notes, daily notes, customizable plans of care, you name it, every document that you create is customizable so that your practice can stand out from the rest. Our EMR adapts to the way you run your practice so that you can move smoothly ahead with nothing holding you back. You get to bring in more referrers, see more patients, streamline your operations and meet changing compliance requirements so that growth becomes automatic.

best emr software for physical therapy.All In One Integrated Solution

An all-in-one EMR and practice management solution, Practice seamlessly includes Documentation, Billing, Scheduling, an integrated Clearinghouse, Clinical Fax Module, Credit Card Processing, Outcomes Tracking,Appointment Reminders, Patient Portal, Telehealth, Referral Management, and a KPI Dashboard. Everything that you need to run your practice — and grow your practice — is right there to take advantage of, out of the box.

best emr software for physical therapy.MIPS Registry

Practice Pro is a 2022 CMS Qualified Registry. This means that you will be able to participate in MIPS directly through our EMR module as a part of your normal clinical documentation process. We are ready to help you improve quality, increase payment incentives, and avoid payment adjustments from the CMS.

best emr software for physical therapy.World-class, Committed Support

A committed, enthusiastic support team is always ready to work with in quickly achieving your aspirations and goals for your practice and are just a call or email away. Rest assured they work with you to address any and all questions so that you get to maximize the power of the Practice Pro EMR Software end to end.

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