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20th Anniversary Practice Pro

At thIt is yet another milestone in our exciting journey in the rehab therapy industry. Our tagline says it all. We have constantly endeavored to be a total practice solution for the continued success of our clients. Starting with a focus on outpatient ambulatory therapy, we expanded into other settings like assisted living, home health, and teletherapy. From physical therapy, we moved into disciplines like pediatric therapy, ABA, and chiropractic. Bottomline, we want to be where you are, to guarantee your success.

Over the years, we continued to invest in our solution to ensure that we remain an industry trend setter. We were one of the first EMR vendors to build world-class modules like our KPI dashboard and referral management software. However, we recognize that we live in an interconnected world and need to work with other industry leaders. Therefore we cemented strong partnerships with the likes of Foto for Outcomes Management, BlueJay for mobile health, and Physiotec for home exercise programs. Together, we are even stronger and ready to meet all your needs.

All along, we continued to innovate and optimize our software including capabilities for patient engagement. Today, our patient portal software is second to none and is helping our clients forge strong relationships with your customers i.e. your patients.

We try hard to work with you as your partner not just a vendor. Every day, we are obsessed with understanding your needs, obtaining your valuable feedback, and solving your problems. Trying to make a difference in your lives and that of your patients, we strive to be worthy of the considerable trust you have placed in us.

End of the day, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our clients and communities we serve and our people who make it happen. Thank you for your support.

Team Practice Pro

20th Anniversary Practice Pro

At the 2019 PPS Annual Conference and Exhibition