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Is your EMR software working for you or against you? The last thing you need to worry about as you grow your practice is clunky inefficient processes and decisions that can stunt your growth. Dont look to settle and continue to do things the way they have always been done in the past. Its time that you audited and dived into ways that you can improve and maximize effortsLets discuss some signs that your practice may be experiencing that can have you using your EMR wrong.   

Your EMR Software doesn’t grow with you  

As you grow your practice you need an EMR software solution that will grow with you. Nobody wants to be slowed down. As you gain more patients, locations and staff a software that can take on those expansions and make it an easy transition is highly valuable. The more manual processes that you can eliminate the better. This will allow you to minimize double or unneeded work that your practice managment software can take on and streamline allowing you to focus on patients and more important tasks that matter most. When you grow, processes expand and become harder to manage and track. The right EMR software is customized to meet those demands as they develop and expand with you without disruption.  

You’re not getting the right support  

Are you using and accessing support to better maximize the use of your EMR? Your system may be easy to use but having the right training and support can elevate the way that you use and benefit from it. The right EMR vendor is there with you every step of the way and able to offer knowledge and support when you need it most. When support is hard to reach or is very time consuming it can eat away at your day and slow down daily tasks. Its important that you get the answers you need fast and with a solution to your challenge or question. In addition, look to utilize guides, blogs and additional training that are provided which can onboard and guide you through challenges as they arise.  

Your data is not providing value  

You have the right data, but are you using it to work for you in order to make better decisions? Having the ability to measure, focus and analyze data efficiently is key to making educated decisions that can grow your practice. If you dont maximize your data it can lead to loss of profits, wasted time, poor marketing decisions and clunky processes. A great way to measure performance is using a tool like Practice Pros KPI Dashboard that allows you to view performance in one custom view. Easily customize data that matters to set goals and track progress that can increase patient referrals and profitable decisions. Data is only good if you audit it and make future educated decisions based on the trends provided. Using the right KPIs can easily turn your losses into profits.  

It doesnt work well with your front office operations  

You need an EMR that has your back when it comes to your front end. It may sound funny but it can be a serious issue that can lead to an inefficient process that can hurt your staff’s productivity and patient satisfaction. Having an EMR that provides the right solutions that include scheduling, tracking, automated reminders and documents could set your practice apart from the rest. Nobody wants the stress of patient scheduling conflicts, errors, missing documents and miscommunications. Having the right patient scheduling tool in place will easily allow patients to manage and schedule appointments and access an online archive of information and documents that are needed to access. In addition, having the right integration between your EMR and front desk will make your business process more streamlined with less manual labor and mistakes that can affect profitability.  

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