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Are telehealth myths making it tough for you to make a decision on whether or not the solution is right for your therapy practice? Dont be fooled–patients today are looking for and expecting a more convenient way to have therapy sessions. With the recent coronavirus challenges there are many demands to implement and utilize telehealth technology to adhere to social distancing regulations. Here are some myths that your practice can avoid which can cloud your vision when making the right decision.

1. Patients Always Prefer an In-Person Visit  

Do you think patients only want to see you in person when it comes to appointments? Think again! According to Updox, about 83% of patients would rather have a session via telehealth over an in-person visit. The top reasons why are because of the convenience, easy access and no need to travel.

2. Senior Patients Will Not Adopt Telehealth Appointments  

Believe or not seniors are way more accepting of technology these days since past years. The ability to not have to travel is an ideal solution that makes it easier for them to get the treatment that they need. About 79% of seniors own a smartphone which means they already have the technology in place to access telehealth appointments on their device.

3. Telehealth is too Complicated and Time Consuming to Implement  

Implementing a telehealth solution to your practice is easier than you may think. There is no need for flashy equipment to give the proper virtual sessions you need to conduct appointments. Implementation can take very little time and working with an EMR software provider like Practice Pro can help provide the right solution and implementation practices to make the transition smooth.  

4. My Practice Will Not Get Reimbursed for Telehealth Sessions  

Getting reimbursed for telehealth sessions have recently opened up and become easier to get reimbursed. Recently, President Trump has issued an announcement that allows therapists the ability to provide services to patients that are unable to travel to a clinic. This allows therapists to provide telehealth services and get paid properly without being denied.

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