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By Karthik Rao, Product and Brand Manager

Higher revenues and lower IT costs. Whats not to love about Practice Pro electronic medical record (EMR) software for therapy practices?


Since starting on Practice Pro, 82% of therapy practices reported increased revenues, while nearly 70% reported saving on IT personal costs. So whats the Practice Pro difference? Depending on the software your practice currently is using, it could be some combination of an integrated solution, efficient scheduling, customized templates, a powerful billing engine that works how your practice does, and dashboards to prove your value to payers and referral partners.

Lets explore these five reasons that therapy practices choose Practice Pro.


An integrated EMR solution that really is integrated.

Solutions from other vendors may contain bolt-on functionality for billing, scheduling and reports that dont integrate patient and practice data and requires employees to create and maintain separate log-ins. If systems and data dont talk to one another, how can you make solid business decisions? Practice Pro features a seamless system that works the way your practice does. You may not want or need certain functionality at the initial install, but its ready to go whenever you are as part of the core functionality.


Intuitive scheduling functionality, with appointment reminders.

Scheduling should be a breeze, and it is with Practice Pro. Appointments can be moved via drag-and-drop, extended or shortened by tugging on the edges of the appointment block, copied, pasted and set to recur. Customized color coding shows appointments by type, status, therapist and more. Co-pay information and alerts are shown on the appointment, and hovering over the patient info icon returns greater detail. A warning engine displays patients who have expired, missing or exceeded authorization. Automatic email, text or phone reminders help reduce the incidence of no-shows.


Customized templates work the way you want.

Of course, Practice Pro has a vast library of templates to get you started. They are fully customizable so therapists can keep using the workflows they are accustomed to. Users can change the order of items, add new text blocks and check lists or whatever they want. And if customizing an existing template isnt sufficient, users can create their own from scratch.


Track claims from billing to collections.

Regardless of how you bill, you need to understand the entire claims process and flag any bottlenecks that can slow revenue. Practice Pro supports in-house and outsourced billing, with the ability to pull reports to help finance managers understand billables, accounts receivable and much more. Practice Pro automates those pesky payer-specific rules to allow compliant, clean bills to be submitted quicker, with fewer claim rejections. Custom denial and appeal forms for major payers are integrated into the system to help automate much of the appeal process.


Better understand patient outcomes.

Patients want to get better as soon as possible, and payers want justification for each dollar spent at your practice. A fully integrated outcomes tracking tool can help in both regards. You can set performance goals for your therapists and track their progress. And with outcomes data, you can enter into insurance contract negotiations knowing exactly the value your practice brings to patients.


Practice Pro makes sense for single therapy practices, those looking to grow and those already with multiple locations. An integrated system allows managers and executives to gain unparalleled views into each practice or practice location.


An EMR should work in conjunction with therapists, front-office staff and billing and not be a hindrance to getting work done. Thats the Practice Pro advantage that competing systems cannot match.