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This month, we celebrate occupational therapy, the only profession that is completely committed to enabling people of all ages to live their lives to the fullest by helping them do the things they want and need to do from their work and recreation, to activities of daily living like eating, driving and getting dressed.

Occupational therapy practitioners not only promote health and preventative care, but they help people with injuries, illnesses and disabilities regain independence and ultimately live a better-quality life. Whether occupational therapists are helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, assisting people that are recovering from injuries to regain skills, or supporting older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes, occupational therapy practitioners are on the frontline of health care.

At Practice Pro, we understand the necessity and value of occupational therapy from evaluation, to intervention, to ensuring that patients goals are met. We also understand that every practice is different and has their own way of working, which is why we are firmly committed to helping occupational therapists succeed by providing them with superior therapy practice management software, precisely designed and customized to the unique needs of the occupational therapy industry.

To deliver the best care and outcomes, we understand occupational therapists need the right tools to measure and manage their way to success. Our core values revolve around not merely building software features but designing elegant solutions to overcome customer challenges and providing occupational therapy therapists with everything they need to run their practices. The result enables our customers to run more efficient practices, engage effectively with patients and therapists, maximize billing and collections, and access unparalleled insight into their occupational therapy practices.

Practice Pro looks forward to continuing to help occupational therapy practices improve the patient experience and allow their staff to focus on more important tasks at hand delivering the quality care their patients deserve!