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Practice Pro: One of the Best Therapy Practice Management Software

Practice Pro; being one of the best therapy practice management software, provides an enchantingand secure electronic platformfor health professionals, enabling them to offer an amazing patient on-boarding experience, while optimizing and streamlining the intake process. As a bonus, Weoffer you powerful appointment management features, including online customizable templates,online payment and automated appointment reminders.

Unmatched Customer Support

Fast, friendly, and most importantly, helpful! We will stop at nothing to provide top-notch support for our clients to make sure they their practice runs as smoothly as possible.

Unlimited User Accounts

No matter your practice type or size is, Practice Pro fits your needs. Add as many staff members as you want at no additional charge. We also provide you with reports to help you analyze your business’ marketing needs; because at the end of the day we grow with you as your client base grows.


Practice Pro’s calendar is a powerful tool for scheduling single or recurring appointments and managing staff. Its enchanting displayhelps you see whos coming, what the patient is coming in for, patient balances, scheduled office locations, reminders and tasks. Its week and monthly views provide a high-level view of your scheduled appointments.

Review anything you want from past!

Easily recall information from past notes with our review history feature. Just refer towhat you documented in previous notes or pull previous information into the current note with the help of just one click.

Compliance and Security

Keep your records and data safe and secure. Practice Pro is certified HIPAA Compliant, and we work hard to keep your practice compliant with HIPAA, insurance requirements, and best practices in the mental health industry. All data is secure and encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Best Therapy Practice Management Software