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Are you looking to communicate with your therapy patients about the coronavirus? It is highly important to relay the right message when it comes to a time of crisis that patients need to know more about. Informing them about the situation and ways that your practice is handling the challenge is highly important when it comes to keeping appointments and your business running strong during a time of uncertainty. Here are some quick and easy tips to utilize when giving the right updates and knowledge needed to access and continue appointments. 

Tip 1: Communicate your plans and steps to move forward  

It’s key to show and let patients know that you’re aware of the recent coronavirus issues. Communicate how you plan to move forward. This will give them the peace of mind needed to let them know that you’re taking the right precautions to keep their safety and health in mind. Let them know what measures are taking place to keep patients and employees safe during appointments. Also, it is important to explain why and how these measures are being taken so you offer clear communication that is needed to show that the coronavirus challenges are on the top of your mind. Here is an example of a communication that you can use to show patients your efforts.  

Example: We are introducing measures to keep our facilities as safe as possible when it comes to the coronavirus. For example, we have substantially increased the quantity of hand sanitizer devices throughout our facility and have added additional cleaning staff during business hours. 

Tip 2: Provide a way for patients to communicate with ease 

Let patients know which mediums are best to communicate with. Give them direction on where to call or email if they have any additional questions or concerns. This will provide a clear communication that allows them to access the right staff members and get the information and updates they need. In addition, sending them notifications with your EMR is a great solution and way to communicate your efforts. Utilizing therapy scheduling software solutions and features such as a Patient Portal can be a great way to relay your message and reach patients with ease.  

Tip 3: Include helpful resources that patients can use 

Give patients the right resources to prevent, avoid and educate themselves on the coronavirus. As a trusted healthcare provider, your recommendations can go a long way and provide the insights needed to expand their scope of knowledge. You can create the content yourself with a blog post or landing page that has your advice along with tips and trends that will help them when it comes to the coronavirus. If resources and time are limited to create content, then it is recommended that you provide third party resources and links to articles that can educate and inform patients with extra knowledge on how to prevent, be aware of symptoms along with helpful tips. Below are some examples of resources that you can provide and use in part of your communication that provides a hub of information regarding the coronavirus. 


Here are 3 articles by Center for Disease Control Center and Prevention (CDC) that dive into how to protect yourself, audit the symptoms that might occur and actions to take if youre sick with the coronavirus.  

Steps to Prevent Illness 

What To Do If You Are Sick 


Providing some tips and trends is also very helpful when it comes to crafting the right message. Since the hand sanitizer shortage is such a popular topic discussed, it may be a good idea to provide a trusted resource that shows how to make your own hand sanitizer. Feel free to use this resource below by Fox News that provides a DIY way to make your own hand sanitizer and avoid the shortage in stores. 

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer  

Tip 4: Provide knowledge and updates to staff 

Keeping your staff updated is just as important as keeping patients in the know. This will allow staff to be equipped and ready to answer patient questions and concerns. A knowledgeable staff will ensure and increase confidence in patients that may be concerned or need to be ensured that the right measures and processes are in place. Let staff know immediately as you develop new procedures and measures when it comes to the coronavirus, this way they can implement the changes requested and be able to explain and inform patients of what is being done to give them the safety and prevention that is needed.  

Practice Pro is committed to helping our customers keep their businesses running and up to speed with the concerns and challenges caused by the coronavirus. We’re dedicated and have solutions in place to continue and provide uninterrupted support and service to help keep your business and EMR running as efficient as possible. In addition, we’re keeping a close eye on any developing trends and future challenges that come into effect from the coronavirus.

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us or schedule a demo to get the answers you need.