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Keeping Compliant

If anything, it is back to the basics. You begin by addressing the elephant in the room documentation. Thats where it all begins. And if you arent careful enough, thats where it will, sadly, end too for your practice! Nothing is more important that keeping yourEMR Medicare Compliance.

Schedule and safe guard your documentation like a bank. Clockwork precision, nothing less. Totally chaotic, barely legible paperwork delights third-party auditors, not PT practitioners. Try PT Practice Pros documentation module. Experience maximum organization with minimum fuss, by which we mean our in-house product specialist putting your people through the paces by as many webinars as it takes.

With PT Practice Pro EMR Medicare ComplianceIsn’tAll That Complicated

Many an EMR software gets data capture and documentation right during a patients first visit. But when it comes to carrying over relevant data to subsequent visits they crater off and leave practice owners stranded on unfamiliar and lonely IT roads. Not PT Practice Pro. Thanks to inbuilt workflows that alert practitioners, we thread and weave a patients history well. No detail is assumed unimportant. The result: our notes, actually your notes, are both clear and compact. As is your billing and compliance adherence.

Cloud-based Information Capture Keeps You Informed

PQRS, ICD-10, 8-minute rules or what have you – regulators change rules out of the blue. PT Practice Pros cloud-based EMR Medicare Compliance updates them equally fast. Unlike vendors with web-enabled we dont let you fall behind the curve. As with all federal or state legislation for that matter, the workable essence is lost in a mountain of legalese. We extract just the stuff you need to keep the ball in play. Well keep you posted on the happenings through blogs, newsletters and webinars. Should you still need an in-person assistance our product support team is a mere phone call away, right here in The US. Log in your ticket and a product specialist will ensure a working response to your problem.