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Eventually over the next few weeks your therapy practice will start to proceed towards normal protocols as the coronavirus starts to curve and the social distancing restraints lessen which have been affecting your business and profitabilityHowever, restoring patient volume in the upcoming weeks and months is going to require much more effort than ever before. Clients will need to be nurtured and reassured that your practice is a safe and trusted solution for their rehabilitation sessions. In this article we will discuss how to prepare your practice with ways to attract more patients and regain lost appointments as business gets back to normal.  

Increase Patient Retention  

Your patients are busy just like you and need to be aware of the changes and updates that your practice has to offer. You just can?t assume that they know about what’s going on with your practice. By sending them notifications via email and text it will allow them to be aware of the latest updates. As social distancing loosens it is key to have a new procedure in place that still acknowledges potential coronavirus challenges. Creating content in a communication is a great way to let patients know the measures that you are taking to implement a safer appointment while they receive their rehab service. This will help them rest assure in returning to their appointments. 

Using the right EMR software that provides a patient portal will allow you to communicate these types of communications that will provide you the ability to give a personal touch when sending announcements. By having the ability to communicate with ease, it will empower your practice and allow for streamlined messaging that provides the important updates needed to relay to patients.

Give Patient Referrals A Boost  

Don?t lose sight of the importance of patient referrals when it comes to gaining the mindshare of the physicians that have the ability to recommend your practice along with their treatment. If you have been quiet with physician networking, it would be a great time to rekindle that relationship. Now that you have new procedures in place there is more of a reason to reconnect and explain the steps you are taking which will elevate and position your practice on top of their mind. Now a potential patient will not only look for the best rehab option, but they will also look to see what safety actions and procedures are taking place when they visit and attend an appointment. By letting your referral resources know of your changes it will allow them to offer a better pitch when it comes to providing a referral and knowledge about your practice. 

Utilizing the right referral management solution also allows your practice to track, analyze, map, and filter targeted physicians that can be your ultimate marketing tool when it comes to building new referrals. Look to use a solution like the Cobility™ Referral Management module that allows your practice to manage referrals with ease and identify the physicians helping your practice the most.  

Offer Virtual and Remote Appointments  

This is your opportunity to expand on the way you fill empty calendars with new appointments. There still will be long lasting to permanent effects that will evolve once the coronavirus epidemic dwells down and society starts to get back to normal day to day activities. By implementing virtual rehab appointments such as telehealth, it will allow your practice to address patients with concerns about leaving the house. A telehealth appointment helps to avoid cancellations and gives you the ability to run a virtual appointment from anywhere at any time. In addition, offering this type of solution shows that you are putting the patient first when it comes to their safety and lifestyle which adds value to your therapy practice.  

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