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Implementing telehealth into your practice efforts is half the battle. Once the solutions are in place its time to make it a successful solution that provides added value and the results that you need to avoid cancellations and increase appointments. Here are some tips that you can implement to strengthen your telehealth efforts and maximize your new digital solution to improve your business.  

Communicate Telehealth Services on Your Website  

Use your website as an avenue to communicate the ability to offer telehealth. Patients are visiting their therapist’s website before a visit with the recent concerns about social distancing from the coronavirus. This allows them to see that there are options that can add convenience to these challenging times to attend physical appointments at your clinic. In addition, creating a landing page that gives an overview about telehealth services would be a helpful addition that can clarify any questions or concerns about how to use telehealth.  

Turn Recent Cancellations into New Appointments  

Follow up with recent patients and let them know about your new telehealth offerings. Chances are that they cancelled due to the recent concerns and requests of social distancing. By making them aware and providing a safe solution it will give them a chance to reschedule their appointments with the ability to use your telehealth offerings that will help keep the momentum of their appointments continuing.  

Use Your Social Media Platforms  

Get social and utilize your social media platforms to let your audience know about how patients can now use your telehealth offerings to attend their therapy sessions. In addition, its a great way to increase engagement and widen your ability to communicate your offerings. Feel free to contact local communities that share information in your local area. Establish relationships with them and ask them to share your recent telehealth solution. This shows that you are helping the community with options to keep them safe during a challenging time which will increase your chances of getting the added exposure from local social media communities that are your target market and audience.  

Notify Patients via Email and SMS  

A quick way to spread the message about telehealth is with email and SMS capabilities. Craft a message and leverage your database of customers in your therapy EMR system. This will maintain a direct connection and provide the encouragement needed to maintain scheduled appointments. With the ability to communicate your solution it will increase patient engagement and help nurture them to utilize the telehealth solution.  

Let Practice Pro guide you through the challenges of cancellations and no-shows that your practice may be facing. With our expertise and EMR solutions, we can provide the right solutions that can improve your business during the current challenges from COVID-19 and future technology needs that your practice can implement to grow and increase profitability. Schedule a demo today and discover a better EMR software that helps you run your business not the other way around.