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Marketing your physical therapy practice sure can pose a challenge when it comes to potential growth. Utilizing a physical therapy EMR can give you the right data needed to properly target your audience so you can avoid wasting time and money. Having the ability to deliver the right message to a current or potential client is crucial in getting the results that you need to achieve success. In this article, we will dive into some ways to jump start your marketing efforts, and how the right EMR software can help.

Gather the Right Patient Information   

It?s important to access key information about your patients in order to communicate effectively and produce relatable content that will nurture them through your marketing efforts. Make it a habit to collect data that is important to future marketing efforts. Information such as where they heard about your practice, why they chose you and related areas of interest can help tailor future communications.

Use Surveys to Gain Testimonials

Look to use surveys to identify customers who have recently had a positive experience. The ability to collect and access patient satisfaction statistics can help you identify opportunities for testimonials. These patient testimonials can then be used to elevate your messaging and recognition through marketing efforts such as  website, email and social media campaigns. Additionally (and perhaps more importantly), patient satisfaction data can help you identify patients that are dissatisfied. It is critical to understand these types of issues and address them immediately, leading to improvement and better patient experiences.   

Uncover Missed Opportunities

Don?t drop the ball when it comes to missing out on opportunities with past patients that may have suddenly stopped treatment. With the right EMR system in place, you can identify which patients have dropped off and have not reached their goals.  Your team can then follow up and market to them through a re-activation campaign that can get them back on track. It?s the perfect opportunity to remind and communicate that your physical therapy practice services can help them reach their unfinished goals.

Timing Is Key to Marketing Efforts   

When marketing to patients you want to be most effective and make sure that your communications are being sent at the right time. For example, the way you would message a patient before a visit would more than likely be different than the way that you would communicate to a patient that has been discharged and completed services. Your EMR software should be able to pull the right data points to communicate things such as progress and patient outcomes, allowing you to effectively target clients and communicate what matters most to them.    

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