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The ultimate guide to Maximize Physical Therapy Marketing with your EMR.

Traditionally providing good treatment and having the right location was enough to run a successful Physical Therapy clinic and attract new business. Unfortunately like everything else in life, it is a lot more complicated than that now, any practice goal should be to maximize physical therapy marketing.

We can no longer rely on word of mouth or the work speaking for itself to attract new clients, so we go back to the source, making connections with Physicians trying to gain referrals. While this has always been an additional source of revenue for clinics, it has now become an absolute must and in many cases is the main source of new business for practices! Which is all fair and well, however this in itself becomes quite an arduous task, between balancing your work and keeping the Physician happy so they will send you a continuous stream of new business!

Most therapists true calling isn’t to sell and schmooze, while some have these skills, the ability to treat and provide comfort is a Therapists true, natural ability. This is why many Therapists struggle to find the right balance or make a significant impact on their practices client base which makes it that much more important to maximize physical therapy marketing efforts.

On top of that, Physicians, like the weather can change quite suddenly! They place new demands, make new connections or move on, leaving your business with a gaping wound where once was a stream of new business. Leaving you with the problem of trying to market your brand, but you have a mountain of paperwork and patients to treat, who has time to drive around trying to open new avenues of referrals?!!

Larger and modern clinics have cracked the code, in this battle you need a weapon and, that is a person dedicated to maximize physical therapy marketing your business! Yet, that alone is not enough, because unless this person has an eidetic memory, they will need a system or preferably a software in place that will allow them (and you!) to effectively track the referrals and the success rate of marketing techniques.

Providing excellent service is no longer enough and making local connections is not enough, in this day and age, it is absolutely essential to have a marketing representative dedicating to selling your brand and above all to equip them with the right tools. Dont sink, swim! It may be time to start interviewing and researching for the right software and Maximize Physical Therapy Marketing!