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How to properly store, protect and dispose of Patients records has always been a never-ending, difficult task for all medical offices. That’s why you need a Physical Therapy HIPAA Compliant EMR.

As we look to become completely paperless and therefore reduce the dangers of protecting records and disposing of them, we still face challenges as to how to balance this transition.? The challenge gets exasperated when trying to find a solution that is cost-effective and time-effective!

As we have learned from the past, cutting corners when storing and disposing of records is eventually going to get you in hot water with HIPAA.? So why not move your PT Practicecompletely paperless using a Physical Therapy HIPAA Compliant EMRthat will not only Boost HIPAA compliance but helping the world and saving one tree at a time during this process.

PT Practice PRO is the ultimate Physical Therapy HIPAA Compliant EMRsoftware system that offers integrated clinical fax solutions, making office to office patient paperwork transfers almost completely paperless.? Eliminating your need to print paperwork and above all no more standing over the fax machine willing it to work faster!? Perhaps we will miss the nostalgic trill of the fax machine but it is a sacrifice worth making when your EMR prevents you from having to spend all day filing!

When aPhysical Therapy HIPAA Compliant EMR is implemented, the fright of CMS review, OIG review and audits don’t seem so frightful. At PT Practice Pro, we’ve Got Your Back. We understand the needs of our clients, it doesn’t matter if you are a private practice, franchise or corporate company, we all feel the same adversities brought on my regulations and we are committed to be there for all Physical Therapy members.

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