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Physical Therapy Outcomes is no longer a pie-in-the-sky topic, because it’s finally here and now. Practice-Pro now has fully-integrated Outcomes tracking and reporting.

In today?s most current PT news, we are hearing that the payment model is vastly moving away from Fee-for-Service and closer to Evidenced Based Payment. Reporting Outcomes measures will assist with affirming the patient?s condition and the need for skilled therapy.

What is reported??After completing your patient assessment, there are primary functional status measures that are recorded.

Initial Functional Status
Specific to the patient body part or impairment, an assessment is completed to support needs for treatment. Generally, this assessment calculates a score for the patient which represents the patient?s functional ability.

Predicted Goal Status
The patient?s assessment, degree of impairment and condition will be reflective of the patient characteristics allowing the therapist to establish a prediction. This process is significant both for precision and accuracy.

Discharge Functional Status
Patient assessments will be completed as needed during care as well as on the last treatment visit. The goals is to track the improvement of patient function.

These outcome measures prove treatment effectiveness which supports medical necessity. As physical therapist, the goal is to restore function, reduce pain and prevent physical disability.

Reporting these Physical Therapy Outcome measures not only increase your strength of reimbursement from the insurance. When you are tied down with the constant implementation of new insurance rules and regulations, proving the need for skilled therapy and medical necessity, reporting physical therapy outcomes are to your advantage. ?In the near future, reporting physical therapy outcomes will become a mandatory reporting practice. Get started now so you can be ahead of the mandatory change.

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