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New patients are hard to find and even harder to retain. The hardest part, however, is expecting them to refer friends and family to your clinic. For this to happen you need to spend more time with them.? It is estimated that a typical therapist spends 30% of his or her time on non-clinical activities: documenting, billing and staff management. This wastage should stop. And now. This time, if spent on patients would result in the multiplier effect – where one patients brings in many.

This needs an EMR that is more than a set of features, it has to encompass Physical Therapy Practice Management. Every line of code in an EMR should fold and fuse into the bigger picture. which is your PT Practice business.? Document Management for instance isn?t merely about templates. It is about auto-reminders that improve compliance, management tools to monitor your clinic, and features that save time such as integrated faxing. EMR vendors have to understand that documentation is the lifeblood of a clinic. It has to be clear, concise and compliant.

Billing, of course is the elephant in the room. Over 60% of billing errors happen because information does not flow automatically from documentation into billing modules of the Physical Therapy Practice Management EMR. To enter it right once is difficult enough, but to enter it twice is simply uncalled for. At PT PRACTICE PRO information from documentation flows directly into billing. ?Your?Physical Therapy Practice Management EMR billing should allow you the flexibility to bill daily, weekly, or by Insurance Company.? Many EMR?s are rigid here. They lack the inbuilt intelligence that lets you handle bills YOUR way.

Many PT Practice owners seldom realize the importance of reports. There are over 150 different tasks that can be itemized as reports. Once captured as data, these reports can be deduced as action items that can infuse intelligence into your clinic?s workflow. As a PT Practice product specialist I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Big leaps in profitability happen when small course corrections are made in day-to-day activities. Ask your EMR vendor to list reports that you can view and have them mapped to your workflow.

Making 206 bones work in harmony is enough study and practice for a lifetime. However today?s therapy practitioners have to contend with a medley of compliance rules that CMS seems to enjoy churning out. Unfortunately, many EMR developers aren?t up to speed- they look at compliance as a report card. But, we all know that ticking boxes is pass?. Lack of compliance tells on your top-line. 2% penalty if you aren?t PQRS compliant, unbilled time if your clinic isn?t 8-minute rule compliant. Get on with a fully functional?Physical Therapy Practice Management EMR.