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2 Keys to Enhanced Physical Therapy REFERRAL MANAGEMENT with an integrated EMR!

Enhance Provider Referrals by using a SMART referral management system. Is this possible, do you really need a new system? Absolutely! Being able to identify each and every referral by Doctor, Doctor Specialty, clinic and how they found you can make a world of difference, having this information will make you a referral management guru!

After all, Therapists love to treat and would rather not spend precious time having to do referral research, this is why having a Physical Therapy referral management system is so important. If you are able to use your EMR system to combine this data for you, then why not?!

How is your Provider Communication?

We all know that a huge part of healthcare is contingent on providers talking with other providers on an efficient and timely basis. Are you on board with an EMR system that can produce clean and organized reports that cover all of the data that your Doctor wants to know? Well if you are not, youll definitely need one. Time is of the essence, providing straight forward Documentation will accelerate your communication process between Therapist and Physician.

Physical Therapy Referral Management Mapping

This will be your road map for when it comes time for referral marketing. If youve been able to cover the two points above, then you are set to go. Now you know who your patients are, which Doctor referred them, their specialty type, where their clinic is located, etc. In addition, you have an EMR system that can provide precise documentation giving physicians a clearer understanding of the patient cases, progress of treatment which will give them an advantage when it comes to providing more comprehensive care.

We hope that our readers implement some type of Physical Therapy Referral Management system. We look forward to your comments.

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