What you need to know about PQRS and the effect on Physical Therapy

What does CMS mean to you and your practice?

For those involved in the healthcare industry, we all know that CMS stands for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

How does CMS affect your patient care?

In case you didnt know, CMS is THE LARGEST PAYER in the nation. It doesnt matter if your patients benefits fall under part A, part B, Part C, Part D or all of the above. All providers are subject to regulations set by laws. These regulations have been around and will continue to stick around.

It seems that the big regulation topics right now are FLR and PQRS Physical Therapy. These regulations are set in place to keep rehabilitation specialist compliant within the rules of medical necessity. Out of all providers, PTs, OTs and Speech Pathologists are the most affected by these rules.

PQRS Physical TherapySoftware

Bottom line, Non-compliance is NOT an option. So, how can we ease the burdens of these PQRS and Physical Therapy requirements?

  • Get PQRS Physical Therapy Software that automatically flags you when PQRS is required
  • Design a solid workflow that you can implement into your EMR software
  • Get your staff educated on the “4 Ws” Who, What, When and Why

WHO Any patient has benefits under CMS

WHAT According to APTA, to participate in PQRS and Physical Therapy, you must report on a minimum of 3 measures for 50% of all Medicare patients seen during the reporting period

WHEN These reports are required on specific intervals, please CLICK HERE to learn more about PQRS Physical Therapy.

WHY All providers must stay compliant and within regulations. Without satisfying these requirements, you wont be eligible for re-imbursement, continued patient care and even worse a lag in your continuity of care