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The Problem As the makers of extremely powerful and complex practice management software that therapy practices use to run their operation, training is one of the most important things we do. If your team is poorly trained, your practice will not operate smoothly?it’s really that simple. Believe it or not, there is a downside to providing so much power and functionality in one software platform?there’s a lot to learn in order to master it! If your?team is not properly trained, they will struggle and oftentimes blame the software. Healthy Change Since we started in 2000, our model hasn’t changed much. We live-launch your Practice Pro installation, perform live training as an initial ‘boot camp’ and then we send your team into battle hoping they retained the information. We had no way of knowing if?they even paid attention during the training. From that point, our customers primarily had to rely on technical support whenever they encountered issues. As we look at our business more closely, we see that more than half the technical support we provide is related to issues we can attribute to training deficiencies. Our takeaway is,?providing up-front training as the only training is simply not adequate. Making it Easier for Your Team to Stay Ahead. To date, we?really never addressed?turnover in your organization. When you grow, or the unfortunate occurrence?when a well-trained employee quits, the heavy lifting up to this point for training new hires has largely been on?you. The crash-course you’re likely to deliver is less intensive than our training, so?over time your team’s training and software competency can atrophy. This isn’t good for you or us.
The Solution We’ve been looking at ways to improve training, and of course the obvious solution was to simply create training videos. So we jumped in and started creating some really long training videos. Some were over 2 hours, seriously. Do you know the fastest way to teach someone nothing? Well we do, tell?them everything all at one time in a long, boring video. Once we started creating these videos, we learned that there’s no way to ensure your team will actually watch training videos in their entirety or retain the knowledge they provide. We didn’t want to simply cut them up into smaller pieces so they have to search through a sea of small videos trying to find what they need. At the end of the day, we knew we needed to make sure people are actually learning so they can be on top of their game. Your game. That’s when we realized we needed a robust, legit, bonafide Online Learning Management System. I know what you’re thinking. No, we’re not simply trying to reduce support on our side. Of course that will be a nice side effect. But when your team is engaged with our support team, they are not being productive for your organization, and this costs you?time and money. The bottom line is, the better trained your team is, the better your operation runs. When your operation is successful, you grow. When you grow, we prosper with you.
Introducing the Practice Pro Academy. A well organized, structured Online Learning Management System where your team can get certified in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses that matter to them.
It’s complete with high quality training video lessons, self tests, and each student has a personalized user profile where they can manage their courses, lessons and certificates. There is even an internal messaging system built-in so they can ask questions in the lessons along the way and receive swift, concise answers from our expert training staff. It’s not easy, in fact we made the decision to make the passing grades for each self test 100% so no one can simply click through the lessons while distracted by their favorite TV show. Once your entire team is Practice Pro certified in each course, you will have confidence that they can run your Practice Management Software. When you grow, and hire new team members, you can rest easy knowing they will hit the ground running and not mire your team down with their learning curve. As we evolve and upgrade the software, you’ll always have access to the latest videos to keep your team up to speed so you can evolve with us smoothly.
Did we mention it’s absolutely free? The Level-1 Beginner courses are ready as we speak, and Level-2 Intermediate courses will be ready some time in August. That means you and your team can register right now and become certified Practice Pro experts. You can begin sending your team members for training effective immediately.?