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We, at Axis Physical Therapy, have been using Practice Pro since June 2006. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were forced into finding and implementing a new data base and billing management system on an urgent basis. We heard about Practice Pro through another clinic that was also considering it at the time. We contacted Mr. Sanjay Patel, posed our questions and conveyed our immediate needs. We began working together on a nearly daily basis and had Practice Pro functioning in our office within 2 weeks. A lot of was done in a very limited time span. Sanjay helped me with transporting data base files from an old antiquated system, helped to customize features that our clinic felt necessary, and helped me (daily) with customer service questions that came up while learning to use the system. It is noteworthy that we are in two different time zones with a three hour time difference, yet Practice Pro support was always there for us. I have worked in Physical therapy for 10+ years and have used 4 other practice management (database/billing) systems. In comparison, Practice Pro Customer Service is supreme!

Candice Hensler
Office Manager
Axis Physical Therapy Inc.