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Oh no. Your patients and appointments have been declining and youve been dealing with less customers and sessions leading to lower profits and growth when it comes to your therapy practice. Its time that you stopped compromising this current trend and figured out ways to get your patients back as well as find ways to generate new patients to fill your schedule with profitable appointments. In this article well show you how to button up your patient growth strategy and figure out how you can get back on track with the right solutions to elevate your therapy practice.  


Have you followed up and reactivated with your therapy patients?  


The bad news is that many patients have canceled and dropped off from their therapy sessions over the past few months due to COVID-19 concerns that have been providing a huge challenge for physical therapy practices. The good news is that restrictions have been improving and concerns have been slowly loosening up as the new normal formulates and people are starting to move on and adapt to the new ways to be in the public again. It is important not to cut your losses and just accept that a patient during the initial coronavirus scare is gone for good. Look to follow up with them and check on their status. You may be surprised to notice that you can get them back on track with a little nudge from a follow up or marketing campaign that makes them aware of the importance of continuing their therapy treatments and how your practice can get them back on track. In addition, it could also be essential to communicate the new steps that youre taking to make their therapy sessions safe and clean with the new procedures in place that focus on a better patient experience. By developing reports and analytics to identify which patients have dropped off youll have the ability to view which patients need to be targeted and followed up with. Using an EMR software solution like Practice Pros Therapy Practice Reporting will allow you to generate the right insights needed to audit patient drop offs and easily follow up with them in order to get them back on track with their therapy treatments. Our KPI Dashboard gives you everything that you need in one view in one place allowing you to easily identify patients and follow up with them allowing you to fill your schedule.  


Why have my referrals declined?  


Your practice may not be receiving the referrals like before to generate the new patients needed to keep therapy session schedules full. It could be because of a loss in effort to keep mindshare and communications strong with current referral resources that have been generating and driving new patients to your practice. In addition, some of your past referral resources could have been closed over the past few months duto COVID-19 challenges which could be leading to less referrals coming into your practice. By identifying and finding out these types of details you can identify when to follow up with them. With the ability to identify and audit which referral resources have dropped off, you can efficiently target and see where improvements need to take place. By using a KPI dashboard and discovering each referral resource in your sales territory you can pinpoint who you need to follow up with that allows you to take action and get back on track with each referral.  


Let Practice Pro help get your patients and referrals get back on track with the right strategy, therapy analytic software and KPI Dashboard. Visit our website and schedule a demo to discover our EMR software solutions that include patient scheduling, referral management, patient portal, EMR documentation, billing, and analytics.