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With recent trends and changes occurring in the physical therapy industry many practices are looking to make a change when it comes to their Physical Therapy EMR and the way that they run their business. Issues that include appointment cancellations, documentation errors, lack of technology, clunky dashboards and poor integration are leading to the decision to make a switch to a better physical therapy software. Here are some reasons why so many practices are changing their EMR right now.  

Documentation Time Is Slow  

When you run your therapy practice, speed and efficiency is important to keep productivity at a high to be able to focus on other parts of the business. Physical therapists are looking to decrease documentation time with flexibility and easy access. Every physical therapy documentation software claims to be the fastest but really speed is not the issue. It comes down to having the right templates in place that meet your requirements and provides you the ability to enter content that matters. What really slows down the documentation process is documenting unneeded data that takes up too much time. Having the right pre-made templates or the ability to customize templates gives therapists the opportunity to document more efficiently saving time and increasing compliance.

Cancellations and No-Show Challenges  

You cant make a patient commit to their therapy appointment, but you can better the odds with the right process and offerings in place. Your patients are just as busy as you are, and their appointments may not always fit their schedule. In addition, social distancing trends from the coronavirus are leading to a lot of cancellations that are clearing schedules with therapists. Many therapists are looking to use telehealth as way to combat these challenges which has been a great way to counteract cancellations and make it convenient for therapy patients to still access the rehabilitation they need. Telehealth allows a therapist to connect with a patient anywhere at any time. Simply schedule, invite and treat with the ability to send a text or email link that allows for a connection to your therapist at the comfort of their home.

Dashboard and Analytic Chaos

Your EMR surely contains a lot of data and information, but it can be overwhelming when it comes to viewing everything you need to see in order to audit the health of your business and make better decisions. Many therapy practices are frustrated by not having the ability to view information in one place with ease. They are looking to make a change to a software that offers a KPI Dashboard providing data metrics that matter in one place. When you have the ability to see clinical and financial data week-over-week or monthover-month it tells a story that helps a business make better decisions to improve the business and address areas that need improvement.   

Clunky EMR Integration with Billing Systems and Processes

You may have a great EMR in place but what good is it if it does not integrate well with your billing. Many therapists are having issues with errors, miscommunication and denials that are hurting profitability and becoming time-consuming, taking focus away from patients and other aspects of the business that need attention. The need for therapy billing software that has the ability to provide better documentation and connects with data entered is crucial to manage billing and the entire claims process. In addition, resources such as availability to access a billing specialist is an issue that leads to miscommunications and denials without the ability to scrutinize and detect possible roadblocks that influence compliance and accuracy.

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