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Cloud EMR - 100% Web Based

It's in the cloud, not on your computers.

Connect anywhere, anytime.

100% Cloud EMR? Why does it matter?

Practice Pro is a cloud EMR and practice management system, which means It runs completely in the cloud instead of being installed on your computers. This means there’s no hardware or software installation, and no possibility of driver conflicts, downtime due to computer problems, or data loss when one of your hard drives fails.

It’s also less expensive to up and running, and less expensive to maintain over time. By reducing your up-front investment, your organization will realize a faster ROI, and experience an implementation process that is quicker than traditional non web-based systems.

red_bullet_arrow Savings on IT Costs

Practice Pro significantly reduces your IT resource requirements because there’s no software to manage–it’s all in the cloud. No need to pay a team of IT experts to install, configure, test, run, secure and update hardware and software. Leave all that to us.

With Practice Pro, you’ll always be running on the latest version, updates are always free because it’s a 100% cloud EMR. Just login and work as usual and you’ll enjoy the work our team does behind the scenes.

red_bullet_arrow Practice Pro Grows With You

Scalability is maximized with Practice Pro’s cloud EMR. Your Practice will be up and running quickly, and then you’ll be able to grow without the typical growing pains inherent in desktop software. It’s easy to add new users, clinicians or locations. The flexibility of our cloud EMR software allows small practices to think big, and expand exponentially without having to think about exponential expense.

red_bullet_arrow No Hardware/Software Costs

Many cloud EMR systems are ‘Client-server’ systems. That means it requires you to buy a server that runs at your location, and requires you to keep it running and connected. It also requires software to be installed on every computer. Not only is this a huge hassle, but it can easily cost $40,000 or more just to get up and running, not to mention ongoing licensing fees, maintenance costs, ongoing upgrades and downtime due to hardware failure. With Practice Pro you’ll be up and running at a fraction of the cost since there’s no hardware or software to buy. You’ll just pay one monthly fee to stay up and running.

red_bullet_arrow Superior Collaboration

Cloud EMR software provides superior accessibility and team collaboration because users are able to log in to the system from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. You will no longer be tethered to your desk.

Sanjay M. Patel, Founder, CEO

Cloud EMR Freedom

How mobile devices help your therapists:

  • Send Tasks and Follow-Ups
  • View upcoming & past appointments
  • View patient history
  • Document SOAP Notes
  • Access to Flowsheets & Charges
  • Recommend Products to Patients

What does mobility mean for a provider?

  • Chart, charge and treat all at once!
  • Integrated with Scheduler for live updates
  • Timely access to records
  • E-Fax your plan of care directly
  • View & attach e-documents

How mobile devices help your patients?

  • Quick access to Patient History
  • Modify treatment plans on the spot
  • Capture E-signatures for forms
  • Receive home exercise instruction
  • Receive product explanations and recommendations

Watch a cloud EMR in action. Ask questions.