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physical therapy practice management software

Physical Therapy Practice Management Software

Automate and streamline practice management workflows from physician referral to scheduling and registration to documentation and billing and collections.

Practice Management Software that Promotes Speed and Efficiency

Managing a physical therapy practice requires dealing with a constant cascade of clinical, administrative, and billing work items. Caring for patients while staying on top of a seemingly endless list of critical tasks can be an uphill challenge. Scheduling patients, completing patient registrations, staying on top of documentation, keeping track of charges and billing, and managing patient goals and outcomes, while ensuring compliance with payer regulations, are all in a day?s work. With Practice Pro, you get:
  • A unified experience based on a single patient record for scheduling, documentation, and billing, and data flowing seamlessly across all functional areas.
  • Increased visibility into operations with up-to-date practice information that is available anytime/anywhere with data is entered only once.
  • Quick task setting, prioritized alerts and notifications, and end-to-end case tracking to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.
Keeping patients and cashflows happy and healthy will never be easier with a practice management system that connects everyone through interactive controls and communications.
physical therapy practice management software
physical therapy practice management software

Practice Management Software for Accurate Bills & Fuller, Faster Payments

From scrubbing and reviewing claims to submitting claims to managing electronic remittance advice (ERAs) to tracking rejections and denials to increasing collections, physical therapy billing is a maze of inter-woven tasks. Even slight mistakes could lead to payment delays and denials that could overwhelm practices and deflect the attention away from patient care. With Practice Pro, you get:
  • Complete, compliant notes and flowsheets with charges captured smoothly and automatically as part of the documentation process to avert potential denials.
  • Reporting and workflow tools that pull in data from all areas of the practice to quickly pinpoint what may be missing and what specifically is needed to get the claim out the door on time.
  • Clean, timely claims that enable you to maximize the first pass claims acceptance rate. While navigating a wide selection of KPIs and metrics that give the big picture with just a few clicks.
The result is finetuned billing workflows that execute flawlessly and smoothly for predictable cash flows that keep the practice humming.

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