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Retail POS Management System for Physical Therapy Products

Integrated with the Physical Therapy EMR

Supply The Products That Patients Need

Make it easy for your patients to get the physical therapy products that you prescribe as part of their treatment regimen. Supply them yourself to patients with the Curative POS. Improve patient outcomes while boosting your profitability. Prescribe and sell products right from the patient record in the EMR. You can dropship products if you do not want to carry product inventory at your clinic. Manage inventory and checkouts with ease. Track retail sales and purchases and learn which products are moving faster, which are not, which products are the most profitable, and so on.

Manage your physical therapy product sales and purchases from anywhere, anytime with the CurativePro Mobile App. You can scan barcodes, identify brands, and create custom barcode labels from the convenience of your mobile device.

retail pos management for physical therapy products
Order Right From Your EMR
Make it easy and fast for your therapists to prescribe products to their patients and initiate the retail transaction with just a click from the Physical Therapy EMR.
Simplify Inventory Control
Manage physical therapy product sales and clinic inventory through one easy to use system. Dive into the details: who bought what, what is on the shelf, at any location.
Virtual POS Anytime, Anywhere
Also use it as a standalone system without an EMR. Simply log into Curative on your desktop or mobile device, and you will have point of sale functionality at your fingertips.
Raise Program Performance
Analyze your data, learn what is working and what isnt, accelerate flow of retail transactions, and continually improve patient outcomes and financial results.

Learn More About Curative

This solution comes to you from our partner, Curative POS. Visit their website to learn more about how you can easily add physical therapy products retail to your clinic and smoothly manage purchase and sale transactions from your browser or from theCurativePro Mobile App.

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