Rehab Therapy Patient Referral Management

Increase your referral pipeline, measure ROI and convert more patients.

A Referral IS NOT a Patient!

Do you know what your Patient Conversion Rate is? It is the percentage of referrals that actually convert into patients, and if you’re not tracking it, you’re likely missing out on a lot of revenue.

Practice Pro’s Patient Referral Management module includes tools to track and measure your marketing efforts AND process your referred patients to streamline and increase referrals and conversions. It is the only tool in the industry that manages your referral relationships and actively improves your referral pipeline.

Patient Referral Management Quick Overview


Manage and track referring practices and referral sources

Get access to providers by practice name and location with the ability to identify and assign field reps all in one place.

Plan your day and routes

Your field reps can plan their day’s route and activities quickly and easily.

Document encounters and monitor the health of referral relationships

Easily manage the relationship of each provider while tracking activity that matters.

Powerful filtering and searching

Access enhanced filtering and searching to get to the exact data needed quickly that matters most to your decision-making process.

Don’t let patient referrals slip through the cracks

Manage the health of referring partners and identify which ones are a priority.

Streamline the workflow of converting referrals into patients

Automatically move your referral through the appropriate workflow based on your sales activity.

Verify benefits before patient referrals arrive

Communicate the level of urgency in verifying a referral’s benefits based on how soon their evaluation appointment is scheduled.

Get answers to tough questions

Access interactive charts that measure the performance of your marketing reps, patients and benefits coordinators.

Relationship Health Flags

Green, you’re good. Yellow needs attention. Red, there’s trouble. Quickly and easily identify where your sales reps should direct their attention.

New - Practices Section

Manage your referring practices and physicians with proper hierarchy. When a doctor moves to another practice, you can manage their referral activity by simply moving them in the system.

Fast and Easy Work Flow

Your sales reps will love using this because everything we developed had them in mind. Do everything within Cobility™ like adding activities, or single-click maps to locate doctors or practices–the work flow is very intuitive.

Quick Menu.

All your most-used functions in one convenient place.

Save time, click less. Add anything from anywhere. Adding a new practice, physician, referral or activity is now under one convenient menu.


Easy Filters

Quickly and easily filter your view.

Save time, search less. Cobility’s filter functionality makes it easy to see only the data you want to see. Only want to see referrals for a specific region or city? No problem, with 2 clicks your screen becomes clean and concise.