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Practice Pro Guides

Access our latest guides below when it comes to getting the knowledge you need to make the right decision on EMR and Practice Management Software solutions.

therapy practice guides

Telehealth Guide

In this guide you’ll discover how you can access the virtual solution known as telehealth. Discover the latest benefits, features and information to make the right decision when offering this innovative solution.


therapy practice guides

How to Run YourTherapy Practice After COVID-19

The need to adjust from COVID-19 challenges have become a main focal point when it comes to the future of physical therapy. Discover how to run your practice and adjust to the new normal when it comes to combatting increases in cancellations and concerns with your practice.

therapy practice guides

Avoiding Physical Therapy Time Killers

In this guide we will explore some potential time killers that can be hurting your practice with the right solutions that can get you back on track and focusing on more important ways to grow your practice.

therapy practice guides

Guide: What to look for in a Pediatric EMR Software

You need to be using an EMR that is built around your pediatric therapy practice.With Practice Pro‘s pediatric EMR software, you’ll find that you’re more focused and efficient than ever. Discover how you can access the right features that arecustomizedfor yourpediatric therapy practice needs.