Home Health Physical Therapy Software

Access the software from anywhere, document anywhere

Ensure Fast and Easy Patient Intake & Scheduling

Accelerate patient scheduling, increase collaboration, and step up patient care. Provide up to date information to everyone and streamline operations.

  • Schedule and track visits in real time, upcoming visits, missed visits, and efficiently manage practice operations.
  • Provide access to care plans to everyone who needs to know from the front office to therapists to billers and bring everyone on the same page.
  • Verify visits on arrival, collect patient financial responsibility, stay in compliance, while maximizing reimbursements.
home health physical therapy software
home health physical therapy software

Document Anytime, Anywhere While Increasing Accuracy and Compliance.

Enable therapists to access their notes, flowsheets, and appointments on the go and extend workflows to the point of need without interruptions and meet their needs wherever they are.

  • Document care and complete assessments while interacting with patients.
  • Assign tasks, manage schedules, and send follow up messages to team members and organize the day with a focus on open items and patient tasks.
  • Leverage templates and an array of customization options to match unique practice workflows and procedures.

Get Paid Faster with Automated Claims Workflows that Raise Billing Efficiency

Maximize reimbursements, ensure clean claims, and stay in compliance with payer rules while using a rich library of reports to track down billing issues.

  • Submit claims and track their status electronically and monitor billing operations through reports and dashboards.
  • Proactively manage authorizations and patient verifications from referrals and intakes, save time, and minimize errors.
  • Reconcile and post payments while keeping track of patient payments at the same time so everything is correctly booked and accounted for.
home health physical therapy software