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Physical Therapy EMR Software Reviews

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Physical Therapy EMR Software Reviews | Applying The Customer Lens

With Practice Pro, our work speaks for itself through the voice of our customers. Here are some of our customer reviews placed on third party sites. The success of our customers is our success and we take this dictum to heart!

We like that it is an end-to-end solution. We have been happy with the way the system is customizable on many fronts. The management reports are a strong asset to the system. We have been happy with the quick support that we received and the relationship we have developed.
The customer service is outstanding! They have never said they can’t do something; they always find a way. They have made sure that the process is an easy transition and that we are happy and efficient. Also, the documentation. Since I’m a therapy business owner, documentation is huge for me! I need it to save time while also being compliant, and it does both.
Most aspects are easy to use and there are a lot of great features that make running a practice more simple. I LOVE the tech support/customer service team – anytime we call with a question or email they get back to us very quickly and are always able to help us accomplish what we need to do!”
PT Practice Pro, and those behind it, work differently. The software has been built to be customized just as other competing programs may be described. The difference is truly in the customer service that occurs when simple changes or adjustments are not the answer. The people behind PT Practice Pro actually care. They seem to be on an endless search to beat their competition by using customer feedback to improve their product. It’s working.
I love the ease of being able to copy notes from one day to the next. It allows me to see what we did last time as a refresher and what things need to be changed.
Its incredibly easy to use, providing a quick means to completing your documentation. I really like the layout and ability to quickly access different accounts and PT information.