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Physical Therapy Software Programs For Your Clinical and Administrative Needs

Take your Practice to the Next Level with Software

Physical Therapy Software Programs for Digital Transformation

Physical therapy practices are looking to adapt and innovate. The need is to step up productivity and outcomes by providing a helping hand to overworked therapists. Healthcare data is driving new insight and enabling clinics to capture new possibilities by putting the patient at the center. Practice Pro has been working with several therapy clinics (PT/OT/Speech) in transforming end-to-end processes by strengthening documentation and billing and claims management, raising operational efficiencies, and boosting visibility into the process. Practice Pro’s software programs institute robust automated processes and workflows that increase speed and flexibility and help boost revenues and collections. With our software programs, you can manage your practice and patients with ease and efficiency. Therapists need software that is intuitive, easy to use, and functionally rich. With Practice Pro, you can take notes in your flowsheets and add charges all seamlessly while treating your patients. We’ve built great physical therapy billing features into the platform like insurance eligibility verification and automated medical billing rules to keep your revenue growing right along with the rest of your practice. Our core values go well beyond building software features and focus on designing elegant solutions to overcome customer challenges. The result enables our customers to engage more effectively with patients and obtain rich insight into the state of their practices.

Speed Up Appointments and Documentation

Strike a balance between speed, efficiency, and compliance with our EMR and the checks and balances that it provides. Take advantage of over 20 years of learning and experience that has gone into the solution. Streamline processes with customizable documentation that unlocks innovation and productivity.
  • Make appointment scheduling a breeze with our drag and drop scheduling both for office and telehealth visits.
  • Accelerate note taking with fully featured flowsheets and SOAP notes to smoothly document progress and automatically generate charges.?Create the streamlined plan of care or roll forward notes for reevaluations and progress notes with the click of a button.?
  • Built in goal tracking, Medicare reporting, and outcome tests enable you to document quickly and compliantly. Use built in electronic faxing to send documentation to payers and providers.
Physical Therapy Software Programs
Physical Therapy Software Programs

Streamline Billing And Increase Revenue

At the core of our software is the industry’s most powerful billing system designed from the ground up for therapy coding and collections. Stop leaving money on the table while ensuring that billing processes are aligned with requisite standards and best practices.
  • Charge entry is processed through payer specific rules that can be readily customized for groups or individual insurances. Utilize CPT codes that specifically apply to your fee schedules while tracking billed and contract amounts separately.
  • With Medicare compliant billing built right into the software including 8-minute rule calculations, reimbursement caps, GP and KX modifiers, and CCI edits, you can rest assured that you are always billing right.
  • Eliminate denials and rejections and improve cash flows as claims are scrubbed with a powerful rule engine making it possible to bill safer and more accurately. Our claims dashboard enables you to handle collections with ease and make handling AR fast, easy, and efficient.

Reports and Dashboards to Step Up Insight

Get the intelligence you need to institute course corrections, measure progress, and make better decisions. Take your practice forward with our rich library of hundreds of reports that are backed by our industry leading KPI dashboard.
  • Reports are segmented by user role and can be saved to your dashboard for quick review while controlling access through robust security settings.
  • Keep track of a wide slew of functionality including accounts receivable and missing authorizations. Our reports all have quick links to detailed patient records so that you can smoothly pivot from discovering an issue to fixing it right then and there.
  • Stay on top of the health of your practice through an array of KPIs and metrics that you can track through easily customizable dashboards and drill down into underlying reports for a fuller investigation.
Physical Therapy Software Programs