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telehealth solution

Practice Pro Announces Launch of Telehealth Solutions to Physical Therapy Practices

Practice Pro is excited toannounced the launch of ourtelehealth solutions. The new telehealth offering provides a way fortherapists toconnect with patients anywhere at any time. This virtual solution allowstherapists to simply send an invite or notification to the patient that gives them access to connect and have their therapy appointment online instead of in the clinic. The therapist will have the ability to create treatment programs, monitor patients and document sessions with their EMR system.

The telehealth solution is delivered through the Practice Pro EMR, making it easy for therapists to schedule online appointments for their patients. This will provide a solution to the recent challenges that therapists face with the coronavirus that requests social distancing by avoiding contact. With Telehealth, therapists will have the ability to reduce cancellations, boost revenue, increase efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction with safe, secure andeasy to usetechnology.

“Our new telehealth solution is a crucial step in the process for therapists because it enables patients to engage in rehab sessions in the comfort of their own home while providing access to therapists and the programs they need to get patients back to health,” Practice Pro CEO, Sanjay Patel says. “Providing therapists with the right technology solutions to keep patient volume up is very important to us. Our goal is to keep businesses current with the trends and shield them from the effects from the current health crisis.”

Check our telehealth page here to learn more about our solution that gives your practice the ability to offer online sessions and reduce possible cancellations that can hurt the profitability of your business.

telehealth solution