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Its time to start talking about value.

Right now the conversation about EMRs and Practice Management software is almost purely centered around price. It’s time to talk about value. Professionals in our industry need to be thinking and talking more about value and opportunity cost.

Switching EMRs can be a difficult and unpleasant task, and frankly many organizations find themselves stuck in software they’re unhappy with because they can’t bear to go through the change, or for the mere fact that it’s cheap. When that software is limiting you, and you can’t reach your business goals, or perhaps merely slowing your staff down, there is no greater cost.

Also, when you have to buy three or four other software programs to fill the gaps, and you suddenly find your data is in separate silos of autonomy, you’ll find yourself drowning in spreadsheets trying to make sense of it all. If this is you, you’re wasting money, and more importantly time that could be spent with patients, or your family.

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Almost every day, we get emails and phone calls from clinic owners asking us “how much does it cost?” and we hear quite often that there are “cheaper” EMRs out there. This is the conversation we hear at all the conferences and trade shows. This seems to be all anyone is really talking about anymore. How on Earth do you compare an investment into a powerhouse software ecosystem like Practice Pro to the cost of our “cheaper” competitors? It truly is apples and oranges.

When we get the price question we’d love to answer “nothing” since our software is not designed to cost you a single dime. Everything we’ve done for the last 17 years is to build a powerful system that will help you maximize your profitability, grow a successful business and something you won’t ever outgrow. But we can’t say that, because we’re not the least expensive EMR out there.

We can however say we’re the single most powerful EMR out there, and the very best value in our industry. We can tout our features, and we can explain all the reasons we’re the best. But we all know every other EMR vendor out there will tell you exactly the same thing, and unless you know all the pitfalls, you may not actually understand the immeasurable cost of a “cheap” EMR.