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Rehab EMR Software for Multiple Practice Types, Large and Small

All the processes and features to run and grow your practice built right in

Multi-Specialty Practices, Get All The Tools To Maximize Patient Value For Each Individual Practice

Be it physical therapy or pediatric therapy or occupational therapy or speech therapy, go ahead and address all your specialized needs across these practice types in one single solution. Document your clinical work in the precise, unique way that you treat your patients, create notes faster, and add appointments quicker. No more carrying documentation work home or working overtime to catch up on the overload. Track patient outcomes and monitor patient progress, modify treatment protocols anytime. Analyze data, identify any clinical or administrative gaps, and demonstrate the results that patients achieve. Add home exercise programs (HEP) anytime and leverage extensive messaging and collaboration features to keep everyone focused on the same goals. Stay on top of payer rules and regulations as well as HIPAA rules with built-in compliance features so you always stay clear of inadvertent but potentially costly errors.

Cash Based Practices, Grow your Practice with our End to End Solution from Documentation through Billing and Payments

Get everything you need to grow your cash based practice with customized documentation templates that meet the needs of your specific patient profiles, process patient credit cards and patient invoicing, increase and convert patient referrals, take advantage of patient messaging and engagement to bring them back to the clinic, and maximize value to patients and the clinic alike. Increase adherence with the plan of care and maximize the benefits of the individualized attention you provide each patient with automated text and email appointment reminders. Enable and track home exercise programs and make sure that your patients are able to continue making progress when they are at home. Monitor patient outcomes and stay on top of patient progress, modify treatment plans when needed, and record all functional gains made.

Single Location and Startup Practices, Grow your Practice with our End to End Solution from Documentation through Billing and Payments

Streamline your clinical, operational, and financial processes with rehab therapy software that helps smaller practices make valuable gains every day.Get all that your clinic needs with an all-in-one solution from fully compliant documentation and billing and collections to easy, drag and drop appointment scheduling, and a responsive patient portal that enables documentation to start at home. As your business grows, the solution grows with you, providing valuable consistency across the clinic. With built incompliance checks and balances, there is less to worry about when it comes to payer rules and HIPAA. Leverage our online training academy anytime to stay up to date on the ins and outs of software functionality.


Enterprise Practices, Drive Success and Grow Your Business For the Long Term Or An Exit


Grow your enterprise with our web-based, end-to-end rehab therapy EMR solution from patient onboarding using our world-class patient portal to clinical documentation to billing and collections to detailed KPI reporting and analytics. Bring in more referrals with our built in referral management solution. Document in the way that aligns with your unique workflows across your organization. Meet the unique training and onboarding needs of each clinic location and stay up-to-date on our EMR solution through our online training academy. Migrate all patient records and other data from your existing system so that you can smoothly continue from where you left off. Make better decisions daily with our array of reports and KPI dashboards.

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