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Telehealth Physical Therapy Software

Connect with patients anywhere, anytime.

Make Every Appointment Matter With our Telehealth Software Solutions

Gain access to our quick and easy telehealth physical therapy software when it comes to offering your patients the ability to schedule and attend telehealth appointments.

With the challenges brought upon by COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, it is more critical than ever to have a remote treatment solution in place. Telehealth can extend your clinic?s reach and relationship with every patient and solve the challenge when it comes to appointment cancellations.?

telehealth physical therapy software

Experience the Difference

Have you seen how easy it is to use our new?our telehealth solution??Check out our latest video that provides a demo and test drive on how you can avoid cancellations.

Schedule A Telehealth Meeting

Feel free to schedule a meeting to further discuss how our telehealth features can meet your EMR needs.


Why Use Telehealth?

Telehealth in Practice Pro is a simple, built-in solution that flows naturally from your existing scheduling workflows???team members will be able to schedule a telehealth appointment the same way they would a physical session in the clinic. This solution will allow you to monitor patients while they perform the exercises you prescribed for them. In addition, you can provide real time feedback and guidance to ensure safety and form.

Therapists will have the ability to create treatment programs, monitor patients through online video conferencing and document the sessions all in one place.??

telehealth physical therapy software

Reduce Cancellations?

Providing a flexible solution allows patients to avoid issues like transportation, availability, and childcare.

telehealth physical therapy software

Boost Revenue?

Give your practice an additional way to secure appointments with the ability to provide virtual sessions.?

telehealth physical therapy software

Increase Efficiency?

Seamless integration allows your practice to increase revenue, efficiency and patient satisfaction.?

telehealth physical therapy software

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Provide a better patient experience that offers a convenient solution allowing a session to be up and running in minutes.

How Telehealth Works

telehealth physical therapy software


Simply schedule an appointment with your patient and check off the telehealth option in your Practice Pro Scheduler.?

telehealth physical therapy software


Your patient will automatically receive an invitation and appointment reminder before their scheduled online appointment. Patients simply click on the provided link from their computer, tablet or mobile device.?

telehealth physical therapy software


Perform the visit with easy to use video conferencing tools, and simply document in the Practice Pro EMR?it’s that simple!?

telehealth physical therapy software

Avoid?Cancellations and No-Shows

telehealth physical therapy software

Mobile Communication ?

Get the ability to send a?SMS reminder text message to your patient’s?mobile phone which will allow them to access your telehealth reminders and provide a link to the session scheduled.?

telehealth physical therapy software

Email Communication ?

Send email reminders to?those patients who prefer email communication when it comes to your telehealth appointments. Simply set, schedule and send to provide the communication needed to schedule and provide notifications.?