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There is a big difference between the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word, right? Word does one thing, and does it pretty well. But it can’t do everything you need. If you only had Microsoft Word, you’d pretty quickly find yourself needing Excel and Powerpoint, and even then you’d still be limited. I think you’d agree, it would be better to get Windows with the full Microsoft Office suite of tools included at a lower bundle price. Sure it would cost more than just buying Word, but it would be a far greater value and you could do so much more.

Think about it, you’d never try to compare the price of Windows to Microsoft Word, because they’re apples and oranges.

This has been our biggest challenge, how do we change the perception that Practice Pro is like all the other EMRs? We change the conversation. We change it from price, to value. We change it from cost, to opportunity.

We’d like to discuss these types of questions with you.

Let’s elevate the entire industry by changing the conversation together.

Does your EMR help you to be a better therapist?
It should. Theres more to building a successful practice than just documentation. We can explain how were different than the rest.

Does your EMR help you to see more patients?
It should. Practice Pro does. Let us show you.

Does your EMR give you all the tools you need to grow your business?
if not, youre in the right place. We dont want to sell you our EMR. We want to help you reach your business goals by using our EMR.