Let’s look under the hood.

There’s a lot packed in there.

As you can see, there’s a lot of moving parts to Practice Pro. Those are features built to work together, in a fully integrated system for your highest level of success. You’ll notice they’re depicted as gears. This is because gears work closely together in a precise manner. We didn’t acquire outside software companies and try to mash the functionality together like others have done. We’ve spent 17 years building, tweaking and perfecting those gears from the ground up. You could say Practice Pro was meticulously hand crafted, long before the era of snapping things together arrived. And this matters?a lot  

Notice a difference?

There?s quite a bit missing, and a brick wall. Practice Pro has no brick walls. It was built so that every feature and module works together as one seamless, well-oiled machine.?Notice in the diagram above, it’s missing one of the most important features. Sure other EMRs claim to offer ?integrated billing?, but it?s still a disconnected third-party app. It?s not the same as the billing module being built into the native application like Practice Pro. Their billing data flows only one direction, so you can?t track payments starting with scheduling all the way through to discharge. Plus you?ll have no KPIs for collection per visit, payments or monitoring your overall financial health. This missing component will become one of the biggest hurdles in growing and managing your practice.
We get it. Building great software that’s secure, stable and fits your workflow isn’t easy to build from scratch. It takes years. We were the very first web-based EMR in rehab, and we’ve had a decade head-start on many of our competitors. We helped pioneer this entire industry. With 17 years under our belt, we’ve had a lot of time to build the robust features you’ll find in Practice Pro.? Very few people know how many hundreds or even thousands of hours can go into a single software feature. Our philosophy is very different. We approach every feature from a success perspective. Will this help our users be better at what they do?? Will it help them see more patients? Will it make their jobs easier? Ultimately, will it help them to be more successful as a business? What tools will they need 10 years down the road when they want to expand, or merge? We’ve got it all, under one roof, in one single system.