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How we became the first web-based EMR in rehab.

It all started with a phone call in the year 2000.
Physical Therapy Software

Our Story

It all started with a phone call in the year 2000, we had just survived Y2k. Napster was all the rage. Apple hadn?t yet released the iPod, and Microsoft was still building?WindowsXP. The?DotCom?Bubble had just burst and people were still accessing the web through 56.k dial-up modems.

Our CEO, Sanjay Patel received a phone call from his colleague Frank Rooks, CEO of ProPT. Frank called?in frustration to?ask?Sanjay to?help him create?a rehab billing solution that would actually meet the needs of his practice. Of course Sanjay said yes.

At the time, Frank was using one of the only rehab therapy?software systems available?to run his practice, and it just didn’t handle?billing. He stated “running my business is keeping me from running my business”. So Sanjay got to work. Frank communicated what he needed, and Sanjay built it. After several iterations, PT Billing Solution, and Princeton Global Services, Inc. were born.

Now with the therapy industry’s best billing solution, customers came in droves and 2007 turned out to be a year of significant growth for us. We were off to a great start as a technology company, and of course the customer?requests started coming in.

In 2008 we took a good hard look at the requests we collected, and looked forward to where the industry was going. We knew at the time it was common for customers?to be?using four or five different systems to run their practice, and we knew we could provide something much better. The concept of creating a single ‘fully integrated’ system arose.

So we packed our bags and flew around the country meeting with various practices to define their needs and document their workflow. Once we understood how they work and what their requirements were,?we went to work building?a powerful patient scheduler that worked with the billing system. In 2009 we then worked with several practices to create a smooth and flexible documentation system, and asked them to help us create templates for therapists like them. We had become the industry’s first fully-integrated?practice management platform.

In 2010 we realized we had grown to?become so much more than just a billing solution, and a new name was obviously necessary. Our customers at the time were mostly Physical Therapy practices, so we brainstormed and came?up with ‘PT Practice Pro‘. It?sounded catchy and encompassed who we were at the time,?so?we?rebranded.

It’s now 2016, we have thousands?of users,?and we’ve never stopped innovating. Since implementing the new name, we’ve expanded our software platform,?developed outcomes management, referral management, and grown our templates library to over 200 standard templates to cover everything from PT, OT, Pediatric and Speech therapy.

This year we kicked off the new year by expanding our company to include a?dedicated marketing department. Our?brand experts have identified that our customers are Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatric?Therapists?and Speech Therapists. We’ve found ourselves at yet another crossroad, having expanded to the point where we’ve?outgrown our name once again.

Our marketing team has suggested truncating our brand name to simply?Practice Pro to cover all niche areas of rehab therapy. Our teams mulled over countless slogan ideas, and have come up with what we feel defines us and our mission. ‘The Total Practice Solution??| ?For Success’. We hope you like it as much as we do.

We’re excited to embark on this new year, and bringing new automation and innovation to your practice, because there have never been more business challenges, or?need for you to be more efficient and profitable. After all, your success is our success.

We appreciate you,?our customer, and look forward to another decade of improving the way you do business and helping you grow your business.

Physical Therapy Software
Sanjay M. Patel

President & Founder