Foster Better Outcomes


Exercise Plans…Built-in

Generate positive outcomes and raise patient satisfaction with technology that delivers results outside of the clinic.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Physiotec to integrate robust and accessible home exercise programs into our EMR. During and after treatment, therapists can prescribe exercise programs through our system, and the information will be shared and connected directly to the patient’s medical records.

Centralized Charting

Add patient education anytime by storing detailed HEP and PDF documents in the chart with no double entry to stay compliant.


Uniquely designed for physical, occupational, speech, and pediatric therapy.

Easy Tracking

Monitor patient progress and adherence from the EMR after assigning the exercise plan to the patient in Physiotec.


Better Care Means Partnering with the Best

Expertly designed, innovative, and individualized. The Physiotec home exercise platform simplifies protocol assignments,  helps you incorporate them into your patient’s home exercise prescriptions, and is fully integrated into our EMR solution.
Patients can access simple, well-defined handouts with photos and instructions describing the exercises and a professional online video demonstrating each exercise for proper execution.
Print, save, and integrate into your patient’s medical file.