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Patient Access...Built-in

Stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Providing the best healthcare means delivering an experience that engages patients early and frequently throughout their treatment journey. Practice Pro’s Patient Portal offers a suite of features that enables your patients to gain access to the information they need and your clinic’s most essential services.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Simple invitations, reduced time in the waiting room, digital onboarding processes, e-signatures, and online outcome tests create a streamlined patient experience.

Digital Patient Intake

Your uniquely branded portal site offers a fast, easy, and secure way to complete intake forms online, including demographics, insurance, clinical questionnaires, and custom fillable PDF forms, with automatic data transfer into your EMR record.

Online Patient Statements
and Bill Pay

No more folding, stuffing, and stamping — instead, reduce your monthly statement processing costs and improve cash flow and the overall patient experience. With a single click, you can upload statements to the portal, where patients can view and pay instantly.


Streamline your workflow and add value to your patient care journey

Eliminate paperwork and redundant data entry and improve the patient experience and return rate by avoiding long wait times and frustrating check in processes.

Reduce EMR data entry errors and mistakes that can lead to frustration and possible denials.

Reduce staff workload and improve your cash flow with the ability to have patients pay online.

Avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations with reminders and 24-hour access to view appointments online.

Increase patient satisfaction and overall experience before, during, and after visits.