Strengthen Continuity Of Care



When you have the information you need at your fingertips, your practice becomes a unified partner in patient care.

Disconnected referral systems lack critical information regarding offices, providers, conditions being treated and referred, and your team’s future conversations regarding patient care. That’s why Practice Pro designed a fully integrated referral management system with a built-in CRM that connects marketing, physicians, and patient care from scheduling to discharge.

Manage, Plan, and Track Referral Sources

Connect with providers by practice name and location with the ability to identify and assign field liaisons in one place.

Document Physician Encounters and Improve the Health of Referral Relationships

Gain access to providers by practice name, physician name and location with the ability to access current and historical activity.

Streamlines Workflow for Your Patient Care Admin Team

Tools to manage the actual process of converting a referral into a patient.


A Referral is Not a Patient

Do you know what each lost referral costs your practice? The numbers can be staggering and Practice Pro has the tools to you need to actively manage your patient conversion pipeline. Watch our video on how the right referral management solution helps you keep referrals


Referral Management & Scheduling

Our referral scheduling tools allow team members to track, prioritize, and convert referrals into patients.

Includes tools to track and measure your marketing efforts and process your referred patients to streamline and increase future referrals and conversionsIt is the only fully integrated tool in the industry proven to manage your referral relationships and actively improve the conversion of your referral pipeline.