Scalable for 1 to 1000+ Clinics



The right fit for your practice size.

Whether you own or manage a physical therapy or pediatric therapy or occupational therapy or speech therapy scaling your business is easier than you think when you can access the right tools. If you are looking to streamline, grow or develop an exit strategy, Practice Pro has business insights and qualified support available that will help you map your next steps and beyond. Let’s connect.

The Right Fit for Your Specialty

Better Care

Begins with the right technology that enhances the patient care journey.  Practice Pro’s all-in-one EMR & practice management solution places a strong emphasis on collaboration with care teams – streamlining and simplifying communication, delivering a personal approach to treatment, building trust, and providing access to quality care.

Better Business

When innovative technology can minimize the complexities of the EMR, it allows therapists to spend more hands-on time caring for their patients, and by enabling better care, you can sustain and strengthen the ability to deliver unmatched care to more patients and communities.

Profitability & Growth

Your ability to grow your business should not be limited by your EMR and Practice Management Solution. Whether you operate 1 to 1000+ clinics, increasing cash flow and growing your business depends on an all-in-one solution that delivers all tools needed for your care and admin teams, and access to the required for informed clinical and business decision-making.


Startup, Multi-location & Cash Based Practices

Streamline your clinical, operational, and financial processes with efficiencies that give you the freedom you need to spend more time with patients from evaluation through discharge. You will be with them every step of their recovery.

Enterprise, Franchise & Network Practices

Better business means growth with the right technology

Whether you lead 1 or 1000+ clinics, the ability to grow your practice can be limited by inefficient and disconnect technologies. That’s why PP all in one solution deliver an easy to use, yet robust EMR designed to keep you focused on patient care.