Continuous Care from Clinic to Home


Virtual Care…Built-in

Extend your clinic’s reach with every patient.

Our communication-centered patient portal strengthens relationships, reduces appointment cancellations, and offers quick and easy therapy solutions for your patients, the ability to schedule and attend telehealth appointments from the comfort of their homes.

Reduce Cancellations

Helping to solve logistical challenges such as transportation, availability and childcare.

Boost Revenue

By broadening appointment options, you can secure more visits and help provide better care to those unable to receive therapy in person.

Medicare & Compliance Simplified

Certifications, Progress Note tracking, 8-minute Rule and more. Practice Pro has payer-specific rules built right in. We stay on top of the changes so you don’t have to—treat and bill with confidence!


Connected and Integrated Telehealth

Our telehealth integration is a simple, built-in solution that flows naturally from your existing scheduling workflow. Therapists can create treatment programs, monitor patients through online video conferencing, document the sessions in one place, and provide real-time feedback and guidance to ensure safety and form.

Schedule: Your patient care team can easily schedule a telehealth appointment, like a physical session in the clinic, within the Practice Pro scheduler by checking ‘telehealth’ for the appointment type.

Invite: From the initial invitation to subsequent appointment reminders, patients can click on the provided link from their computer, tablet, or mobile device. Invitations come through SMS text and email, based on a patient’s preference, and provide a link for the session scheduled.

Treat: During the remote visit, therapists will have access to easy-to-use video conferencing tools and have the ability to document directly into the Practice Pro EMR at the same time.