Stay Ahead of Changing Regulations



Protecting you against penalties.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Practice Pro compliance technology helps you stay ahead of ever-increasing and changing regulations.

Rules in Check

Compliance is built in and automated throughout the different workflows within the EMR system – from scheduling to documentation to billing.

Peace of Mind

With safeguards in place, Practice Pro’s web-based EMR is a trusted solution where rules are integrated, and your data is always protected.


Automation is the key to delivering effective and compliant care. Our robust rule engines automatically enforce payer specific rules leaving your providers to focus on what matters the most – better care.


Medicare Made Easy

Medicare 8-Minute Rule: Accurate physical therapy billing requires integrated intelligence to comply with the Medicare 8-minute rule for time-based codes; that’s why Practice Pro automatically manages timed and untimed code differentiation.

Therapy Cap: Tracking, alerts, and our automatic KX modifier application help to prevent loss of payment.

MIPS: A therapist’s MIPS performance score is based on two weighted categories: quality measures and improvement activities. Because Practice Pro is a qualified MIPS registry, we make MIPS reporting a breeze.


Industry Standard Codes Integration

ICD-10 Codes: ICD-10 coding, designed to enable therapists to provide more accurate documentation required for reimbursement, is a seamless and automated process with our all-in-one solution. The proper codes are continuously captured and transmitted to billing to ensure on-time payments.



HIPAA governs how physical therapists and other providers handle protected health information (PHI). A single breach could expose a practice to steep fines. With the use of iron-clad security and top tier data centers we ensure that PHI is safe and protected.