Curated and Customizable


Intuitive Documentation...Built-in

Clinical Documentation, Your Way

We define fast with built-in efficiencies that drive better care. Practice Pro not only gives you the fastest documentation in the business, but we achieve this by allowing you to customize the templates we provide or create custom templates easily. There are no preset examination templates to slow you down with more content than you need or desire.

Comprehensive, Yet Easy

View patient care differently with a 360-degree view of patient, physician, and insurance records. 


Uniquely Designed for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language, and pediatric therapy.

Medicare & Compliance Simplified

From certifications, progress note tracking, the 8-minute rule, and more, Practice Pro has payer-specific rules built-in and stays on top of the changes, so you don’t have to.


Customize your Patient Care Story

With built-in goal tracking, Medicare reporting, and outcome tests, therapists have all the evaluative tools they need to quickly document and stay compliant.

Create a streamlined Plan of Care or roll-forward notes for Re-Evaluations and Progress Notes with a click of a button. Printed notes are easy to read and include your company’s branding.

Use our integrated clinical fax that allows you to send and receive documents.

Accelerated daily notes— faster than ever with an integrated Flowsheet experience.


Compliance-Ready Documentation Templates

All specialties, including physical, occupational, speech, and pediatric therapy, have access to pre-loaded, comprehensive, and compliance-ready documentation that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, with the support of a wide-ranging clinical library and intuitive template builder. It’s easy to customize the existing content or create your own. We even offer custom development services! 

Contact us to learn more. 

Time-Saving Auto-Snippets: Avoid repeatedly rewriting common entries using our intelligent “Auto-Snippet” feature, allowing you to write and save an entire paragraph and assign a keyword that triggers it, saving valuable time.

Note Forward: Our Note Forward feature allows you to create subsequent notes quickly and efficiently as your treatment progresses. It simply copies the previous notes and rolls them forward to give you a starting point for your next entry.


Integrated Clinical Fax Module

Incoming and Outgoing Fax

Our clinical fax module streamlines document transmission and keeps the care team connected, eliminating the need for external systems or fax machines. From the automated and detailed fax summary to up-to-date information regarding physician referrals, built-in efficiencies streamline your clinic workflow— saving you time and money.

Generate progress notes and faxes to the referring doctor, insurance company, or third party, such as an attorney.

Manage your outstanding certifications and easily link incoming signed documents to the right patients. A Fax status indicator alerts you to success or failure with a quick resend feature when needed.


Outcomes Tracking

Objectively demonstrate and document your effectiveness as a clinician and organization to patients and payers. Easily measure clinic performance, benchmark clinician performance, prepare for payer contract negotiations, and boost your marketing communications.

Stay focused on quality and improve patient success rates.

Manage care quality and outcomes on a per-location, per-therapist level, with the ability to see progress and changes while improving patient satisfaction, communication, and confidence with payers and referral sources.

Match your patients’ results to the statistics your payers bring with our outcome module. 

Strengthen patient plans of care and strategies for clinical care.

Set performance goals for your therapists and track their progress.