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Intuitive Documentation...Built-in

Clinical Documentation Your Way.

We define fast with built in efficiencies that drive better care. Practice Pro not only gives you the fastest documentation in the business, but we achieve this by allowing you to customize the templates we provide, or create your own custom templates easily.  No preset examination templates slowing you down with more content than you need or desire.

Comprehensive, Yet Easy

A 360 view of patient, physician, and insurance records. 


Uniquely Designed for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language and Pediatric Therapy. 

Medicare & Compliance Simplified

Certifications, Progress Note tracking, 8-minute Rule and more. Practice Pro has payer-specific rules built right in. We stay on top of the changes so you don’t have to—treat and bill with confidence!


Customize your patient care story.

With built-in goal tracking, Medicare reporting and outcome tests, therapists have all the evaluative tools they need to quickly document and stay compliant.

Create a streamlined Plan of Care or roll-forward notes for Re-Evaluations and Progress Notes with a click of a button. Printed notes are easy to read and include your company’s own branding.

You can also use our built-in electronic fax feature to send your documentation to other providers.

Accelerated daily notes— faster than ever with an integrated Flowsheet experience.


Avoiding Physical Therapy Time Killers

In this guide we will explore some potential time killers that can be hurting your practice with the right solutions that can get you back on track and focusing on more important ways to grow your practice.


How to Run Your Therapy Practice After COVID-19

The need to adjust from COVID-19 challenges have become a main focal point when it comes to the future of physical therapy. Discover how to run your practice and adjust to the new normal when it comes to combatting increases in cancellations and concerns with your practice.


Outcomes Tracking

Objectively demonstrate and document your effectiveness as a clinician and organization to patients and payers. Easily measure clinic performance, benchmark clinician performance, prepare for payer contract negotiations, and boost your marketing communications.

Stay focused on quality and improve patient success rates.

Manage care quality and outcomes on a per-location, per-therapist level, with the ability to see progress and changes while improving patient satisfaction, communication, and confidence with payers and referral sources.

Match your patients’ results to the statistics your payers bring with our outcome module. Strengthen patient plans of care and strategies for clinical care.

Set performance goals for your therapists and track their progress.